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List of composition
canter on the road --- Piano solo for children
veiled moons--- Piano solo
Empty compliments --- Violin solo
an arduos encounter--- Piano solo

Chamber music
Divertissement - Fl. Ob. Cl. Pf.
Rapsodie~la foret noire~ -Va. Pf.
[5]- Fl. Ob. Cl. AltSax. Fg.
"regle" pour six instruments - Fl. Cl. AltSax. Fg. Tp. Tb.
Deep in the stillness - Fl. Pf. 
3short pieces for Flute and Clarinet 
the direction of timbres - 4Vn. 2Va. 2Vc. 1Db.
black-white - Piano Trio(Vn. Vc. Pf.)
the snake - Cl. Vn. Va. Vc. 
Colour Suite - Fl. Ob. Vib.&Mar. Harp Va. Db.
Sphere/air [i:as] - for 7 cellos 
Right in two - Fl. Cl. Hr. Pf. Vn. Vc.  (recordin
GOKAN - for Orkest de ereprijs and 3 female voices

flying of fickle time - String Quartet (period inst)

desperatamente! - String Quartet (period inst)

Omatsuri - Recorder quartet

Oji-koen - violin & piano (Grade 4-5 level)

Orchestral music
structual emotion 
Sound of anxiety 
Golden mosaics 
Air -for 10th Anniversary of Kobe High School OB Orchestra

Vocal music
深夜 midnight - Bass. Pf. (詩-河井醉茗) 
柔かい霧 the gentle fog - MezzoSoprano. Pf. (詩-河井醉茗) 
夢 Dream - Soprano Pf. (詩-小野小町)
Islanders - Mezzo soprano Pf. (words - Michael Yates)

柔かい霧 the gentle fog -3Shakuhachi, Suzu, Tsuzumi, Pf.
Les Emotions for English National Ballet 
Opera “Nigel of Tilford” in collaboration with Neil Luck (libretto-Rosemary Wisbey)
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